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Indian Air Force Fighter Planes | Breaking Sonar Barriers

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Indian Air Force Fighter Planes | Breaking Sonar Barriers

Our Indian Air Force has a plenty of various fighter planes but there are  few selected ones which when are putted in the battle ground then they are the edge of anything and the enemy wont dare to come out of their caves, rather their speed is so fast that even sound cant cross their speed and thus the speed of each fighter is measured in Mach that is one Mach equals to the speed of sound that is 342.2 mtr/sec. let’s check out few of the prestigious fighter planes in the Indian Air Force.

  1. Indian Air Force SU 30 MKI Fighter

Indian Air Force Fighter Plane

This one is the most reliable and famous fighter plane in the indian air force and its speed is too fast that you can’t recognize it while flying high in skies, it travels at a speed of 2120 Km/Hr and weights approximately 18440 kg without the crew member. It is cost is about $56 million and a few are there in our indian air force.

  1. AIR Force MIG 29 Fighter Plane

Indian Air Force Fighter Plane MIG 29

The next fighter plane is without technology and named MIG as the latest one is 29 so it is came up with few upgrades in every thing and listed in the second number. This plane travels at 2600 Km/Hr and its weight is about 18550 a bit higher than that of SU 30. The cost of this plane is $29 million USD and is in service from 1983.

  1. AIF HAL Tejas Fighter Plane

Indian Army Hal Teas Fighter Plane


HAL Tejas is an indigenous fighter plane as it is made in india and a few technology is borrowed from the other country. This fighter plane also runs at the speed of sound and is 1920 Km/Hr which is somewhat low than the MIG 29 but then only this plane costs only 31 Million so this is much affordable to us. The weight of this plane is 6550 Kg and as it is recently built so it is in service of IAF from 2015 only.

  1. Indian Air Force MIG 21 Fighter Plane

IAF Fighter Plane MIG 21

The MIG series is in the IAF from late 90’s and MIG 21 is the proof of it, this planes speed is about 2175 Km/Hr so this is higher than the Tejas but the cost is also then increased that is $29 Million USD. Now the weight of this fighter plane is 8825 Kg. this plane is also borrowed from the other countries so that’s why it is much costlier and it is in service from 1959.

  1. Air Force Mirage 2000 Fighter Plane

IAF mIRAJ 2000 Fighter Plane

Dassault Mirage 2000 is the second fastest fighter plane in our force as it is travelling at the speed of 2530 Km/Hr which is next to the MIG 29. The weight of this fighter plane is 13800 Kg which is also heavier than the Tejas and MIG 21 Plane. Now finally the cost of this plane so we are not getting any concession here as it is $23 Million USD and is in the service of Indian Air Force from 1978.

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